Past Seasons

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Prisoner of Second Avenue Bob Duzdevich Karen Rovane
Beowulf (And The Bard) Judy Elliott
AD Sue Haldane
Karen Rovane
Blithe Spirit Margaret Lewis
AD Arleen Kingston
Paul Lewis
Dashing Through the Snow Roxanne Fausett Paula Bibby


Love Letters Sue Haldane
AD Arleen Kingston
Karen Rovane
The Mousetrap Jim Estes
AD Margaret Lewis
Karen Rovane
Paul Lewis
Becky’s New Car Paula Bibby
AD Roxanne Fausett
Debbie Robinson
Tony Linde
If It’s Monday, This Must Be Christmas! Dana Hein
AD Robert Schell
Colleen Hagyard


Outward Bound Patti Fredericks
AD Margaret Lewis
Karen Rovane
Hay Fever Jim Estes
AD Ellie Routt
Karen Rovane




Steel Magnolias Amber Adams
AD Ellie Routt
Karen Rovane
James and the Giant Peach Marty Brifman Kathleen Harmon
Life and Beth Jim Estes
The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge Judy Elliott
AD Alex Sharp
Karen Rovane


The Sunshine Boys Judy Elliott
AD Roxanne Fausett
Karen Rovane
Alice in Wonderland Vince Murdock Debbie Robinson
Toni Linde
Paula Bibby
Voices Chris Thebaut Karen Rovane
A Tuna Christmas Bob Duzdevich Karen Rovane


Bell, Book & Candle Patti Fredericks
AD Jim Estes
Karen Rovane
Harvey Jim Estes Paula Bibby
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Vince Murdock
AD Amber Adams
Karen Rovane
Wait Until Dark Marty Brifman Amber Adams
A Charlie Brown Christmas Bob Duzdevich Karen Rovane


Exit Laughing Judy Elliott
AD Amber Adams
Karen Rovane
Tom, Dick & Harry Mary Lynne James Amber Adams
Anne of Green Gables Paula Bibby
AD Jim Estes
Debbie Robinson
Lost in Yonkers Vince Murdock Vince Murdock
Lux Radio Theatre’s Miracle on 34th Street Bob Duzdevich
AD Marty Brifman
Amber Adams


The Miracle Worker Sue Haldane
Marty Brifman
Debbie Robinson
The Great Amador Carnival Rolf Hein Colleen Hagyard
Our Town Patti Fredericks
Tracy Morris
Karen Rovane
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Bob Duzdevich Colleen Hagyard
It’s A Wonderful Life Vince Murdock Vince Murdock


Baby with the Bathwater Chris Thebaut Tracy Morris
Visit to a Small Planet Dana Hein Colleen Hagyard
Robin Hood Joe Svec
AD Beth Barnard
AD Heidi Peden
Tracy Morris
Camping with Henry & Tom Patti Fredericks Karen Rovane
A Christmas Story Vince Murdock Vince Murdock


12 Angry Men (Jurors) Patti Fredericks
AD Barry Trigger
Debbie Robinson
Boeing Boeing Bob Duzdevich Colleen Hagyard
The Wizard of Oz Beth Barnard
AD Joe Svec
AD Barry Trigger
Colleen Hagyard
The House of Frankenstein Rolf Hein
AD Heidi Peden
Tracy Morris
A Christmas Carol Paula Jones Debbie Robinson


‘Night Mother Tracy Morris Debbie Robinson
Noises Off Bob Duzdevich
AD Beth Barnard
Colleen Hagyard
The Philadelphia Story Dana Hein
AD Paul Dinger
Debbie Robinson
Skin Deep Chris Borden Judy Elliott
Christmas Yet To Come Vince Murdock Vince Murdock


Goodbye Charlie Dana Hein
AD Rolf Hein
Vince Murdock
Murder on the Nile Bob Duzdevich Debbie Robinson
Paula Jones
The Phantom Tollbooth Vince Murdock
Beth Barnard
Debbie Robinson
Renee O’Neal
Vince Murdock
The Grapes of Wrath Patti Fredericks
AD Fred B. Hard III
Debbie Robinson
A Christmas Carol Beth Barnard Colleen Hagyard


Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead Scott O’Neal Renee O’Neal
Vince Murdock
Relative Values Paula Jones Debbie Robinson
Plaza Suite Chris Thebaut
ADTracy Morris
Debbie Robinson
Kimberly Akimbo Vince Murdock Colleen Hagyard
Vince Murdock
A Christmas Carol Beth Barnard
ADTracy Morris
Vince Murdock


Arms and the Man Chris Wintle (Thebaut) Debbie Robinson
Arsenic and Old Lace Paula Jones
AD Zach Craig
Debbie Robinson
The Gin Game Bob Duzdevich Vince Murdock
Play On Patti Fredericks
AD Bonnie Cannon-Brown
Debbie Robinson
Dracula Dana Hein
AD Jone Schwartz
Vince Murdock


Tuesdays with Morrie Vince Murdock
AD Rolf Hein
Scott O’Neal
Red Herring Beth Barnard
AD Paula Jones
AD Dana Hein
Robert Mees
Because Their Hearts were Pure Ray Halsebo Patti Fredericks
The Man with the Plastic Sandwich Chris Borden Shirley Borden


Coming Apart Dana Hein Debbie Robinson
Diane Matzas
DelVal Divas Bob Duzdevich
Gramercy Ghost Chris Thebaut
AD Paula Jones
Debbie Robinson
Shadowlands Vince Murdock Heather Murdock
Scott O’Neal


Proof Scott O’Neal Heather Murdock
Blithe Spirit Bob Duzdevich
Beth Barnard
Debbie Dunn
Snoopy Ray Halsebo Karen Rovane
Judy Elliott
Oleanna Patti Fredericks
AD Vince Murdock
Judy Elliott


The Sisters Rosensweig Sue Haldane
AD Dana Hein
Judy Elliott
Karen Rovane
Sherlock’s Secret Life Beth Barnard Debbie Dunn
Flaming Idiots Bob Duzdevich
AD Gwendolyn Douglas
Judy Elliott
Diane Matzas
Of Mice & Men Patti Fredericks


A Night in the Theater Judy Elliott Karen Rovane
Aspirin and Elephants Bob Duzdevich Karen Rovane
Gold Rush Cassie Ray Halsebo Marian Halsebo
Wally’s Café Mary Lynne James Judy Elliott


Cookin’ with Gus Judy Elliott Rosie McCarty
Born Yesterday Patti Fredericks Karen Rovane
Funny Money Marian Halsebo Karen Rovane
Premature Corpse Shaundy Francek Debbie Dunn


The Exact Center of the Universe Jay Cusker
AD Beth Barnard
S. Alexander
G. Chambers
The Amorous Ambassador Pauline Burks
AD F. Burk
C. Borden
The Butler Did It Bob Duzdevich
AD Shaundy Francek
Academia Nuts Marian Halsebo Karen Belvoir (Rovane)


Guilty Conscience Marian Halsebo
AD J.Stroud
Judy Elliott
Noises Off Bob Duzdevich
AD Beth Barnard
Debbie Dunn
Debbie Robinson
Annabelle Broom Jay Cusker
AD Kate Harmon
Jay Cusker
Debbie Robinson
You Say Tomatoes Mary Lynne James
AD Chris Borden
Sue Haldane


Belles Linda Walbeck Judy Elliott
My Three Angels Marian Halsebo
AD Paula Jones
Shaundy Francek
Waiting to See the Elephant Patti Fredericks
AD Jay Cusker
Shaundy Francek
Dial “M” for Murder Bob Duzdevich Shaundy Francek
Rita Ross


Weekend Comedy Marian Halsebo
AD ML James
Paula Jones
Egad, the Woman in White Ray Halsebo
AD Shaundy Francek
Dodie Steinfeldt
A Bad Year for Tomatoes Judy Elliott Linda Walbeck


Prisoner of Second Avenue Pauline Burks
AD Fred Burks
Judy Elliott
Jone Schwartz
Moon Over Buffalo Marian Halsebo Martha Ladley
Artichoke Patti Fredericks
AD ML James
Karen Belvoir
The Murder Room Bob Duzdevich
AD L. Walbeck
Judy Elliott


Sylvia Judy Elliott
AD Pauline Burks
Jone Schwartz
I Hate Hamlet Marian Halsebo Sally Simms
Witness for the Prosecution Patti Fredericks
Susan Woods
Diane Duncan
A Month of Sundays Ray Halsebo Linda Walbeck


Ravenscroft Marian Halsebo Karen Belvoir
Murder by Misadventure Jane Bardin
AD Judy Elliott
Rosie McCarty
The Fantastics Ray Halsebo
AD Pauline Burks
Marian Halsebo
The Glass Menagerie Patti Fredericks Karen Belvoir


Lettice & Lovage Marian Halsebo Mary Lynne James
Nunsense Ray Halsebo
Marian Halsebo
AD Jane Hayden
Judy Elliott
La Bette Susan McCandless Karen Belvoir
The Cocktail Hour Jane Bardin
Patti Fredericks
Marian Halsebo


Moon Over the Brewery Susan McCandless Judy Elliott
Lend Me a Tenor Marian Halsebo
AD Ray Halsebo
Pat Porto
Pauline Burks
Judy Elliott
Our Town Susan McCandless
AD Judy Elliott
Gale Subke
I’ll Be Back Before Midnight Bob Duzdevich Jane Hayden
Patti Fredericks


Out of Sight, Out of Murder Jane Bardin
AD Patti Fredericks
Judy Elliott
The Rainmaker Susan McCandless Gale Subke
The Great American Backstage Musical Tom Green
AD Jane Hayden
Patti Fredericks
Jane Hayden
Hedda Gabler Susan B Woods
AD Marian Halsebo
Judy Elliott


Social Security Harry Humphry
Susan McCandless
Judy Elliott
Dear Liar Dave Lizotte Pauline Burks
Little Mary Sunshine Susan McCandless Pat Porto
The Dining Room Jane Bardin Judy Elliott


Chapter Two George Wood
AD Jane Bardin
Judy Elliott
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown Bob Duzdevich
AD Susan McCandless
Mary Lynne James
Waiting for the Parade Susan McCandless Judy Elliott


The Odd Couple Susan McCandless
Morning’s at Seven Dario Gonzales
Crimes of the Heart Bob Duzdevich
AD Jane Bardin
Mary Lynne James


Everybody Loves Opal Harry Humphry
The Good Doctor Blake Flores
The Uninvited Susan Brown Woods


A Delicate Balance Bob Duzdevich
A Midsummer Nights Dream Steve Scaduto
Death Trap Blake Flores


On Golden Pond Steve Scaduto
Done to Death Blake Flores
Monique George Wood


A Barrel Full of Pennies George Wood
Suds in Your Eye Jim Russell
Murder Me, Murder Me Not George Wood


The Late Christopher Bean George Wood
The Servant of Two Masters Jim Russell
Night Watch Susan Brown Woods


True West Martha Dunne
Major Bullshot Gorgeous Jim Russell
An Inspector Calls Susan Brown Woods Harry Humphry


The Night of January 16th Ivan Day
Dear Ruth George Wood Joyce Flores
Absence of a Cello Harry Humphry


Harvey Peter Newton
Dark at the Top of the Stairs George Wood
God’s Favorite Chris Thebaut Carolyn Brown
Sandi Lindberg
Johnnie Lopez


Blythe Spirit Jim Russell
The Effect of Gamma Rays Chris Thebaut
Mary, Mary Harry Humphry


A Thousand Clowns Jim Russell
The Heiress Dario Gonzales
The White House Murder Case Chris Thebaut


Watch on the Rhine Susan Brown Woods
The Importance of Being Earnest Chris Thebaut
Laura Harry Humphry


Arsenic & Old Lace Jim Russell
Night Must Fall Susan Brown Woods
The Happy Time Sheila Payne Harry Humphry


I Am a Camera Jim Russell
Angel Street Dario Gonzalez
See How They Run Harry Humphry


Mister Angel Harry Humphry
The Glass Menagerie Vern Griffith
Twilight Walk Dario Gonzalez


Mouse Trap Jim Russell
Curiour Savage Dario Gonzalez


Prisoner of Second Avenue Vern Griffith
Blythe Spirit Geof Popejoy