An electrifying, breath stopping crime thriller!  A blind woman matches wits with her con artist assailants by using her disability to her advantage.  A Broadway hit, this masterfully conducted suspense machine will have audiences on the edge of their seats as the plot builds to its heart pounding climax.

The following have won awards for their part in the play!  Congratulations!

Tech Design – Lights:  Alex Sharp, Roger Fugere & Marty Brifman,  Adult Male Lead:  Alex Sharp – Mike,  Adult Female Lead:  Mitch Alaire – Susan.



Carlino – Gordon Seelos

Roat/ Roat Sr./ Roat Jr. – Victor Martinez

Susan Hendrix – Mitch Alaire

Sam Hendrix- Andrew Mees

Mike Talman – Alex Sharp

Gloria – Kelly Christensen



Director – Marty Brifman

Technical Director – Alex Sharp

Producer – Amber Adams

Stage Manager – Karla Christensen

Script Supervisor – Karla Christensen

Set Design – Marty Brifman

Set Design – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Mark Clinton

Set Decoration – Brenda Metzger

Set Decoration – Marty Brifman

Set Painting – Marty Brifman

Set Painting – Gordon Seelos

Costumer – Perley Tyson

Lighting Design – Alex Sharp

Lighting Design – Roger Fugere

Lighting Design – Marty Brifman

Sound Design – Alex Sharp

Technical Operations – Marty Brifman

Poster Design – Brenda Metzger

Marquee Painting – Karen Rovane





Sponsored by:

Jeff Holman Auto Center

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Martell, CA 209 223-1777