Bella is thirty-five years old, mentally challenged, and living at home with her mother, stern Grandma Kurnitz. As the play opens, ne’er-do-well son Eddie deposits his two young sons on the old lady’s doorstep. He is financially strapped and taking to the road as a salesman. The boys are left to contend with Grandma, with Bella and her secret romance, and with Louie, her brother, a small-time hoodlum in a strange new world called Yonkers.

September 24 – October 29, 2016

This Production Has Ended


Arty – Luke Murdock

Jay – Andrew Mees

Bella – Amy Doyle

Grandma – Mitch Prefach

Eddie – Markus Gouveia

Louie – Robert Schell

Gert – Kimberly Pearlman


Director – Vince Murdock

Assistant Director – Markus Gouveia

Producer – Vince Murdock

Stage Manager – Alyssa Rehart

House Manager – Colleen Hagyard

Costumer – Perley Tyson

Light Design – Patti Fredericks

Sound Design – Alex Sharp

Sound Design – Vince Murdock

Photography – Vince Murdock

Production Assistant – Lilly Murdock

Set Construction – Charlie Foyil

Set Construction – Dave Fredericks

Set Decoration – Connie Murdock

Poster – Vicki Wertheimer

Marquee – Dana Hein

Tech Ops – Jim Estes

Tech Ops – Alex Sharp

Tech Ops – Patti Fredericks



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