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Gillian Holroyd – Cydney Mulally

Shepherd Henderson – Andrew Mees

Miss Holroyd – Kathleen Rich

Nicky Holroyd – James Whaling

Sydney Redlitch – Theresa W. Hawk


Director – Patti Fredericks

Assistant Director – Jim Estes

Producer – Karen Rovane

Script Supervisor – Judy Elliott

Set Design – Dave Fredericks

Set Design – Patti Fredericks

Set Design – Alicia Barber

Set Decoration – Alicia Barber

Set Construction and Painting – Alicia Barber

Set Construction and Painting – Delinda Mahaffey

Set Construction and Painting – Judy Elliott

Set Construction and Painting – Dave Fredericks

Set Construction and Painting – Patti Fredericks

Lighting and Sound Design – Roger Fugere

Light and Sound Operator – Roger Fugere

Costume Design – Kathleen Rich

Hair and Makeup – Jenny Oxier

Poster Design – Karen Rovane

House Manager – Alex Sharp

Companion and General Cuteness – Sierra Jane (Eileen) Fugere

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In the Cobblestone

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