Two worthy widows whose livelihood depends on a coal mine that has been left to them. The lovely daughter of one widow is engaged to the son of the other, and when it develops that the villainous banker who holds a mortgage on the mine is going to foreclose, the girl seeks a precarious livelihood as a schoolteacher, and the young man goes to sea as a sailor, and is soon given up as lost.

August 15 – September 13, 2008

This Production Has Ended


Widow Dalrymple – Kathleen Rich

Widow Truelove – Lana Withee

Melody Truelove – Tessa Myers

Sebastain Hardacre – Rolf Hein

Goodwin Dalrymple – Zachariah Craig

Miss Hatchett – Tracy Morris

Mr. Bleakly – Dave Fredericks

Mr. Grimstone – Brad Barnard

Shanghai Mamie – Mary Molina

Will Faithful – Justin Daugherty

Mickey Finn – Dennis Isaacson

Patience Faithful – Sarah Ruttan

Kato – Dave Daugherty


Director – Ray Halsebo

Producer – Patti Fredericks

Pianist – Anne Pearce 

Set Designer – Ray Halsebo

Costumer – Kathleen Rich

Costumer – Lana Withee

Sound Design – Don “Mitch” Mitchell

Lighting Design – Bob Duzdevich

Stage Manager – Steve Cannon

Stage Crew – Bonnie Cannon-Brown

Stage Crew – Dave Daugherty

Stage Crew – Will Pearce

Poster Design – Debbie Wiegel

Marquee Design – Debbie Wiegel

Script Master – Linda Hein

Photographer – Richard Gorremans

Shadow Box Design – Richard Gorremans

Set Construction – Dave Fredericks

Set Construction – Dennis Brooks

Set Construction – Steve Cannon

Set Painter – Rolf Hein

Set Painter – Dave Fredericks

Set Painter – Patti Fredericks

Set Decoration – Patti Fredericks

Set Decoration – Ray Halsebo

House Manager – Debbi Robinson

House Manager – Toni Linde

House Manager – Paula Jones

House Manager – Patti Fredericks