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Rachel Ann – Kristy Kendrick

Connie Harland – Gina Serna

Leona – Roxanne Fausett

Millie – Kathleen Rich

Policeman / Bobby – Zachariah Craig

Butter-Butt – As Himself


Director – Judy Elliott

Assistant Director – Amber Adams

Producer – Karen Rovane

Stage Manager – Deb Brown

Script Supervisor – Judy Hunt

Set Design – Judy Elliott

Set Design – Gerry Elliott

Set Construction – Gerry Elliott

Set Decorator – Dianne Brooks

Set Decorator – Judy Elliott

Set Painting – Judy Elliott

Set Painting – Gerry Elliott

Set Painting – Dianne Brooks

Set Painting – Bobby Brooks

Scenic Painting – Patti Faubion

Scenic Painting – Dianne Brooks

Costumer – Kathleen Rich

Seamstress – Gloria Ray

Lighting Design – Roger Fugere

Sound / Music Design – Mitch Mitchell

Light and Sound Operator – Roger Fugere

House Manager – Colleen Hagyard

Poster Design – Chelsea Coppock

Marquee Painting – Victoria Wertheimer



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In the Cobblestone


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