When one member of the bridge group dies, the story doesn’t turn grim.  Oh no.  Quite the opposite.  Because its not really about death, its about living instead of just existing.

April 9 – May 14, 2016

This Production Has Ended


Rachel Ann – Kristy Kendrick

Connie Harland – Gina Serna

Leona – Roxanne Fausett

Millie – Kathleen Rich

Policeman / Bobby – Zachariah Craig

Butter-Butt – As Himself


Director – Judy Elliott

Assistant Director – Amber Adams

Producer – Karen Rovane

Stage Manager – Deb Brown

Script Supervisor – Judy Hunt

Set Design – Judy Elliott

Set Design – Gerry Elliott

Set Construction – Gerry Elliott

Set Decorator – Dianne Brooks

Set Decorator – Judy Elliott

Set Painting – Judy Elliott

Set Painting – Gerry Elliott

Set Painting – Dianne Brooks

Set Painting – Bobby Brooks

Scenic Painting – Patti Faubion

Scenic Painting – Dianne Brooks

Costumer – Kathleen Rich

Seamstress – Gloria Ray

Lighting Design – Roger Fugere

Sound / Music Design – Mitch Mitchell

Light and Sound Operator – Roger Fugere

House Manager – Colleen Hagyard

Poster Design – Chelsea Coppock

Marquee Painting – Victoria Wertheimer





In the Cobblestone


Sponsored By


Van Hulzen Asset Management


Cal-State Engineering