This classic tells the story of Annie Sullivan and her student, blind and mute Helen Keller. The Miracle Worker dramatizes the volatile relationship between the lonely teacher and her charge.


Kate Keller – Mindy Capanna

Captain Arthur Keller – Jim Estes

Martha – Kate Christeson

Percy – Conor Clinton

Helen Keller – Kate Hicks

Jamey Keller – Hannah Krieshok

Aunt Evelyn Keller – Karen Rovane

Viney – Ellie Routt

Anne Sullivan – Arleen Kingston (Clinton)

Belle – Norman Routt


Director – Sue Haldane

Director – Marty Brifman

Producer – Tracy Morris

Producer – Debbie Robinson

Stage Manager – Amber Hicks

Stage Manager – Joanne Shugart

Script Supervisor – Amber Hicks

Set Design – Marty Brifman

Set Design – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Mark Clinton

Set Decoration – Diane Brooks

Set Decoration – Dennis Brooks

Costumer – Perley Tyson

Costume Support – Kathleen Rich

Costume Support – Alicia Barber

Lighting Design – Roger Fugere

Lighting Design – Victoria Wertheimer

Sound Design – Victoria Wertheimer

Properties – Lynne Siebert

Properties – Alicia Barber

Marquee – Victoria Wertheimer

House Manager – Debbie Robinson

Poster – Sarah Tullis-Hards

Hair & Makeup – Rebecca Bordwell

Photography – Karen Rovane

Photography – Amber Hicks

Voices – Dick Carter

Voices – Alex Sharp

Voices – Rocky Lane

Voices – Bailey Wilson

Voices – Collin Holleran

Voices – Maeve Clinton

Voices – Jackie Garcia