Carl and Phil decide that the ladder to success at the post office is missing a few rungs. They know that big money is waiting for people with entrepreneurial spirit and sound business judgement. They have lots of the spirit but little of the judgement, and their new gourmet health food restaurant flounders.

August 19 – September 17, 2005

This Production Has Ended


Phil – Craig Hobson

Carl – Vince Murdock

Bernadette – Karen Rovane

Ernesto – Tony Travale

Eugene – Jason Peterson

Jayne – Dianne Brooks

Officer Task – Alex Sharp

Louie – Robert Wright Dabney (Bobby D)


Director – Bob Duzdevich

Assistant Director – Gwendolyn Douglas

Producer – Judy Elliott

Producer – Diane Matzas

Stage Manager – Graham Paul

Stage Manager – Carol Faes-Schaller

Set Design – Bob Duzdevich

Light Design – Bob Duzdevich

Sound Design – Bob Duzdevich

Script Supervisor – Gwendolyn Douglas

Costumer Designer – Kathleen Rich

Set Construction – Dennis Brooks

Set Construction – Gerry Elliott

Set Construction – Rich Long

Set Construction – Mike Wegg

Set Construction – Bob Duzdevich

Set Construction – Graham Paul

Set Decoration – Dianne Brooks

Technical Director – Bob Duzdevich

Set Painter – Dianne Brooks

Set Painter – Diane Matzas

Set Painter – Elizabeth Gibson

House Manager – Rich Long

House Manager – Barbara Long

Photographer – Bill Lavallie

Photographer – Judy Elliott

Photographer – Diane Matzas

Makeup – Gina Cassleggio

Poster Design – Kathryn Young

Shadow Box Design – Paula Jones