Boo the villain, ahhh at the heroin, cheer for the hero.  Come on down for a fun night at the theatre with an audience participation melodrama!

June 12 – July 11, 2015

This Production Has Ended


Jerry Mander – Brad Loffswold

Pheloneous Sim – Robert Schell

Honest Abe – Calvin Clements

Goodwin Greatguy – Joe Svec

Constance Loving – Shaundy Farley

Duncan Disorderly – Charles Peden

Miss Bea Haven – Heidi Peden

Anita Mann – Madison Peden

Ima Tart – Jessica Blankenship

Auntie Lotta Good – Kathleen Rich

Blind Justice – Jim Estes

Seamstress/Bar Patron – Samantha Roberts

Strong Man/Bar Patron – Sid Cohen

Knife Thrower/BarPatron – Jordan Rozhan

Fortune Teller/Bar Patron – Andrew Mees

Bearded Womean/Bar Patron – Faith Marie Poor

Contortionist/Bar Patron – Alana Hein

Orphan – Jacqueline Garcia

Orphan – Roland Loffswold

Orphan – Maya Peden

Orphan – Kit Francek

Orphan – Christopher Clements

Orphan – Kate Hicks


Lindsay McCain

Salye LaBelle

Amber Hicks

Jack MaGee

George Agostini

Tim Burr

Kathleen Harmon

Paulette MaGee

Karen Rovane

Leslye Viscarra

Roxanne Fausett


Director – Rolf Hein

Assistant Director – Victoria Wertheimer

Olio Director – Roxanne Fausett

Producer – Colleen Hagyard

Pianist – Kim Lasavio

Stage Manager – Chuck Hagyard

Costumer – Kathleen Rich

Costumer – Perley Tyson

Set Design – Rolf Hein

Set Construction – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Mark Clinton

Set Decoration – Rolf Hein

Prop Master – Rolf Hein

Sound & Light Design – Victoria Wertheimer

Soundboard Operator – Victoria Wertheimer

Lightboard Operator – Raymond Ross

Poster Design – Victoria Wertheimer

Marquee – Rolf Hein

Marquee – Victoria Wertheimer

House Manager – Bob Duzdevich

Photography – Vince Murdock

Photography – Victoria Wertheimer