Three brothers, an adoption, a cadaver, smuggled items, and immigrants.  What could possibly go wrong?

This Production Has Ended


Tom Kerwood – Alex Sharp

Linda Kerwood – Alyssa Rehart

Dick Kerwood – Robert Schell

Harry Kerwood – Jim Estes

Katerina – Faith Marie Poor

Andreas – Marty Brifman

Constable Downs – Sid Cohen

Mrs. Potter – Andrea Dye

Boris – Tim Burr


Director – Mary Lynne James

Producer – Amber Adams

Stage Manager – Andrew Mees

Script Supervisor – Judy Hunt

Set Design – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Mark Clinton

Set Decorator – Karen Rovane

Set Decorator – Judy Elliott

Set Painting – Karen Rovane

Set Painting – Judy Elliott

Set Painting – Sue Haldane

Set Painting – Paula Bibby

Set Painting – Mark Clinton

Scenic Painter – Patti Faubion

Properties – Karen Rovane

Costumer – Perley Tyson

Special Effects – Chuck Swiderski

Sound Design – Victoria Wertheimer

Sound Design – Cory White

Light Design – Victoria Wertheimer

Sound & Light Operator – Victoria Wertheimer

Sound & Light Assistant – Alex James

Poster Design – Victoria Wertheimer / Mary Lynne James



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