I’ve been fascinated with stories about time travel and the future since I was a young man. Christmas Yet to Come is simply an example of how I imagine the future, but attached to a story we already know and love.

Director – Vince Murdock

November 24 – December 15, 2012

This Production Has Ended


Descendant of Dickens – Hailey Dacier

Ebenezer Scrooge – Rolf Hein

Bob Cratchit – Joe Svec

Fred – Jeremiah Ruiz

Solicitor #1 – Barry Trigger

Solicitor #2 – Lilly Huerta

Ragged Boy – Tim Rouen

Marley – Dana Hein

Christmas Past – Sarah Reese

Boy Scrooge – Zach Conrardy

Fan – Katie Combs

Mr. Fezziwig – Rocky Lane

Young Scrooge – Conor Broderick

Dick Wilkins – Josh Lewis

Mrs. Fezziwig – Kathleen Rich

DJ Girl – Tiffani Phillips

Belle – Madison Peden

Ben – Jeremiah Ruiz

Christmas Present – Beth Barnard

Mrs. Cratchit – Heidi Peden

Belinda Cratchit – Shannon Roca

Kate Cratchit – Katie Combs

Peter Cratchit – Adam Sellers

Martha Cratchit – Cheyenne McAnulty