One of Bernard Shaw’s most glittering comedies, “Arms and the Man” is a burlesque of Victorian attitudes to heroism, war and empire. In the contrast between Bluntschli, the mercenary soldier, and the brave leader, Sergius, the true nature of valour is revealed. Shaw mocks deluded idealism in Candida, when a young poet becomes infatuated with the wife of a Socialist preacher.

April 10 – May 16, 2009

This Production Has Ended


Raina Petkoff – Lindsey Burman

Catherine Petkoff – Tracy Morris

Louka, the Maid – Erin Devlin

The Man – Zachariah Craig

Russian Officer – Giorgi Khokhobashvili

Nicola, the servant – Ethan Cockrell

Major Paul Petkoff – Rolf Hein

Major Sergius Saranoff – Alex Sharp


Director – Christopher Wintle (Thebaut)

Producer – Debbie Robinson

Assistant Director – Zach Craig

Stage Manager – Cody Gabel

Set Design – Dave Daugherty

Set Design – Carol Sethre

Carpenter – Dave Daugherty

Carpenter – Mark Russell

Carpenter – Craig Voiedench

Set Decorator – Carol Sethre

Set Decorator – Gaylene Bailey

Set Decorator – Sandy Easley

Set Decorator – Marelyn Johnson

Costume Design – Lana Withee

Costume Design – Rolf Hein

Costumer – Kathleen Rich

Costumer – Colleen Beltzer

Costumer – Lana Withee

Costumer – Paulette Magee

Weaponary – Rolf Hein

Hats – GODOT

Music – Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)

Grip – Christina Morris

Grip – Lennox Peterson

Grip – Madison Burman

Grip – Giorgi Khokhobashvili

Hair & Makeup – Christina Morris

Hair & Makeup – Lennox Peterson

Hair & Makeup – Madison Burman

Hair & Makeup – Giorgi Khokhobashvili

Light Design – Roger Fugere

Sound Design – Roger Fugere

Tech Operations – Roger Fugere

Tech Operations – Patti Fredericks

Tech Operations – Glen Gabel

Best Boy – Cody Morris

Script Supervisor – Christina Morris

Poster Design – Alicia Giurlani Miller

Marquee Design – Alicia Giurlani Miller

Photography – Richard Gorremans

Research Assistance – Alan Bierce

Research Assistance – Helen Bierce

Research Assistance – Roger Fugere

Publicity Assistance – Gloria Swiderski

House Manager – Carole Myers

House Manager – Toni Linde

House Manager – Lana Withee

House Manager – Catherine Devlin

House Manager – Bob Devlin

House Manager – Rocki Bengston

House Manager – Helen Bierce

House Manager – Alan Bierce

House Manager – Ellen Solevad

House Manager – Shari Wiedenhoeft

House Manager – Craig Wiedenhoeft

House Manager – Kathleen Rich

House Manager – Patti Fredericks

House Manager – Dave Fredericks

House Manager – Janelle Burman

House Manager – Craig Burman

House Manager – Heather Murdock

House Manager – Jone Schwartz

House Manager – Dianne Brooks

House Manager – Dennis Brooks

House Manager – Ann Peterson

House Manager – Barron Peterson

Theatre Manager – Rolf Hein

Web Design – Tori Moody