It’s Christmas and Harry Monday, down-and out gumshoe, is short of cash as usual. When Harrigan’s department store has its payroll stolen, Harry is called to find the culprit, and the store’s missing Santa Claus! What can a flatfoot do to find the felons? Wise cracks and plot twists fly faster than Santa’s sleigh in this yuletide whodunit.

November 18 – December 18, 2022

Digital Program


This Production Has Ended


Harry Monday – David Cohen

Titus Harrigan – Joel Lesch

Loretta Mondello – Mitch Alaire

Penny Harrigan – Alana Hein

Carson Page – Gavin Wagner

Trixie O’Brien – Maya Mireles

Scarlet Kloontz – Jade Meza

Louie Grandville – Ray Monahan

Mildred Wolensky – Michael Gowder

Young Harold – Drew Luxemberg

Opaline Lambert – Elissa Wilson

Polly Brogan – Presley Shortridge

Lieutenant Brogan – Rob Phillips



Director – Dana Cohen

Assistant Director – Robert Schell

Producer – Chuck Hagyard

Stage Manager – Chuck Hagyard

Set Design – Dana Cohen

Set Design – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Gary Galloway

Costumer – Kathleen Rich

Assistant Costumer – Michaela Key

Assistant Costumer – Ruth Cooper

Assistant Costumer – Jorja Perea

Lighting Design – Alex Sharp

Lighting Design – Jim Caudle

Sound Design – Alex Sharp

Tech Operations – Dana Cohen

Set Decoration – Betts Giellerup

Program/Photographer – Paul Lewis

Poster Design – Kevin Barnett

Production Advisor – Karen Rovane

Head House Manager – Bob Duzdevich


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16146 Main St.
Volcano, CA