A stage version of the beloved children’s book, discover Milo’s adventures in the Land of Wisdom, where he’s forced to think about many new things.

August 5 – September 10, 2011

This Production Has Ended


Milo – Zach Conrardy

Tock/Clock – Krissi Khokhobashvili

Humbug – Beth Barnard

The Weather Man – Rolf Hein

The Gatekeeper – Rolf Hein

Dodecahedron – Rolf Hein

Spelling Bee – Sarah Reese

Lethargarian – Sarah Reese

Dr. Dischord – Bonnie Cannon-Brown

Duchess of Definition – Bonnie Cannon-Brown

Princess Reason – Lillyana Huerta

Princess Rhyme – Stephanie Smalley

Earl of Essence – Justin Daugherty

Numbers Miner – Justin Daugherty

Minister of Meaning – Jordan Rohzon

Numbers Miner – Jordan Rohzon

Undersecretary of Understanding – Alana Hein

Numbers Miner – Alana Hein

Countess of Connotation – Sienna Stevens

Number Miner – Sienna Stevens

The Page – Genia Kinman

Awful Dynne – Genia Kinman

King Azaz – Brad Barnard

Mathemagician – Rocky Lane

Mathemagician – Steve Canon

Awful Dynne – Samantha Roberts

Lethargarian – Samantha Roberts

Demon of Insincerity – Shannon Rocha

Word Merchant – Shannon Rocha

Lethargarian – Shannon Rocha

Everpresent Wordsnatcher – Christina Morris

Word Merchant – Christina Morris

Lethargarian – Christina Morris

The Terrible Trivium – Cory Michael Bowers

Word Merchant – Cory Michael Bowers

Lethargarian – Cory Michael Bowers

The Senses Taker – Andrew Mees

Word Merchant – Andrew Mees

Lethargarian – Andrew Mees

Lethargarian – Morgana Kinman


Director – Beth Barnard

Director – Vince Murdock

Assistant Director – Bonnie Cannon-Brown

Producer – Renee O’Neal

Producer – Debbie Robinson

Producer – Vince Murdock

Set Design – Vince Murdock

Set Design – Beth Barnard

Set Design – Connie Murdock

Set Design – Tracy Morris

Set Design – Genia Kinman

Set Design – Leslie Vasquez

Original Score – Tom Graczkowski

Sound – Mitch Mitchell

Lighting and Special Effects – Roger Fugere

Lighting and Special Effects – Bob Duzdevich

Lighting and Special Effects – Vince Murdock

Technical Ops – Roger Fugere

Costumes – Lana Withee

Costumes – Patty Faubion

Costumes – Vince Murdock

Costumes – Beth Barnard

Stage Manager – Sarah Ruttan

Assistant Stage Manager – Steve Cannon

Script Supervisor – Morgana Kinman

Stage Crew – Joesph Van Dyke

Stage Crew – Genia Kinman

Stage Crew – Morgana Kinman

Props – Julie Sterner

Props – Genia Kinman

Makeup Design – Genia Kinman

Photography – Vince Murdock

Graphic Design – Sarah Tullus