A fun-filled, freewheeling comedy that “updates” the Old English epic about the warrior Beowulf, the first-ever Superhero. This story is told through the eyes of the epic’s writer, the Bard, with a bad case of writer’s block. The events unfold just a bit differently than the original story, as a reluctant and out-of-shape Beowulf is being asked to save his new friends from a hideous beast, Grendel, that has been terrorizing Heorot, the mead hall and eating all the warriors. What’s a hero to do? Yes, there will be swords! Yes, there will be ogres! And, YES, there will be men in tights! Too Much Fun!

June 9 – July 15, 2023

This Production Has Ended




Beowulf – Noah Bunting

The Bard – Jim Estes

Gunborg – Jade Meza

King Hrothgar – Brad Barnard

King Hrothgar (Alternate) – Ray Monahan

Aeschere – Todd Bertwell

Unferth – James Dove

Villager/Patron #1 – Jim Caudle

Villager/Patron #2 – Ian Davidson

Villager/Patron #3 – Joel Lesch

Grendel/Grendel’s Mother – Robert Schell


Director – Judy Elliott

Assistant Director – Sue Haldane

Producer – Karen Rovane

Stage Manager – Chuck Hagyard

Stage Manager – Gerry Elliott

Stage Manager – Lara Bunting

Script Supervisor – Sue Haldane

Set Design/Construction/Painting – Gerry Elliott

Set Design/Construction/Painting – Judy Elliott

Set Design/Construction/Painting – Tom Herlihy

Set Design/Construction/Painting – Sue Haldane

Costume Design – Kathleen Rich

Costume Design – Alison Galloway

Sound Design – Mitch Mitchell

Lighting Design – Jim Caudle

Special Effects – Jim Caudle

Seamstress – Kathleen Rich

Seamstress – Alison Galloway

Seamstress – Sue Haldane

Seamstress – Linda Terrell

Lighting Assistance – Jim Caudle

Lighting Assistance – Lori Caudle

Lighting Assistance – Joe Diltz

Lighting Assistance – Issac Diltz

Lighting Assistance – Ian Davidson

Lighting Assistance – Alex Sharp

Lighting Assistance – Tom Herlihy

Light & Sound Operations – Roger Fugere

Light & Sound Operations – Joe Diltz

Light & Sound Operations – Kris Peterson

Light & Sound Operations – Alison Galloway

Light & Sound Operations – Sheri Leu

Props & Furniture – Tom Herlihy

Props & Furniture – Paula Bibby

Props & Furniture – David Bibby

Props & Furniture – Ian Davidson

Poster Design – Karen Rovane

Head House Manager – Bob Duzdevich




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