Giant Beasts, Giant Peach, Giant Fun.  Come help James and his insect friends as they travel across the Atlantic to their fantastic new home in America.  A magical audience participation extravaganza for the young and the young at heart.

June 28 – August 3, 2019

This Production Has Ended


Tour Guide, Mr. Trotter, TV Reporters, Number 1 – Victor Martinez

James Henry Trotter – Conor Clinton

Grasshopper – Madison Stevens

Centipede – Brooke Marie Dillian

Lady Bug – Maeve Clinton

Earthworm – Bailey Wilson

Miss Spider – Megan Lukasha

Mrs. Trotter, Aunt Sponge, Number 2 – Brenda Metzger

Aunt Spiker, Captain – Mitch Alaire

Old Man – David Cohen


Director – Marty Brifman

Assistant Director – Judy Hunt

Producer – Kathleen Harmon

Administrative Assistant – Brenda Metzger

Set Design – Marty Brifman

Set Design – Gerry Elliott

Set Decoration / Artistic Design – Lindsay McCain

Technical Design – Alex Sharp

Costume Design – Erin Neuwirth

Costume Design – Kathleen Rich

Costume Design – Brenda Metzger

Costume Design – Karen Rovane

Choreography – Zach Conrardy

Musical Consultant – Tommy Metzger

Stage Manager – Dan Edwards

Assistant Stage Manager – Jinelle Fromme

Puppeteer – Jinelle Fromme

Puppeteer – Jeff Fausett

Construction Crew – Gerry Elliott

Construction Crew – Karen Rovane

Construction Crew – Marty Brifman

Construction Crew – Alan Clinton

Construction Crew – Martin Roska

Construction Crew – Judy Elliott

Construction Crew – Jim Estes

Construction Crew – Roger Fugere

Construction Crew – Jeff Fausett

Prop Construction – Victor Martinez

Prop Construction – Judy Hunt

Lighting & Sound Desing – Alex Sharp

Sound Operation – Alex Sharp

Lighting Operation – Kevin Hempson

Follow Spot Operation – Kris Peterson

Poster Design – Brenda Metzger

House Manager – Bob Duzdevich


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16104 Main St. Volcano, CA  209 296-4458