Shakespeare from a new perspective!  Set in the old west, using modern English and a Mel Brooks style of humor, it’s the Bard with a twist.

August 4 – September 2, 2017

This Production Has Ended

The following have won awards for their part in the play!  Congratulations! 

Youth Male Supporting:  Noah Bunting – Quince,  Adult Male Supporting:  Steve Cannon – Nick Bottom,  Costumes:  Kathleen Rich, Perley Tyson & Robin Rehart


Theseus – Tony Travale

Hippolyta – Shaundy Farley

Philostrate – Amber Adams

Oberon – Sid Cohen

Titania – Alyssa Rehart

Puck / Robin – Kate Hicks

Egeus – Tim Burr

Hermia – Kaitlin Maxedon

Lysander – Luke Murdock

Demetrius – Michael Hayes

Helena – Brendelyn Stuart

Nick Bottom / Pyramus – Steve Cannon

Frances Flute / Thisby – Vince Murdock

Snug / Lion – Tennessee Burns

Quince / Prologue – Noah Bunting

Snout / Wall – Lilly Murdock

Starveling / Moonlight – Kathleen Harmon

Servant – Emily Platt

Cobweb – Hannah Ritter

Moth – Jacquie Garcia

Mustardseed – Gigi Fillmore

Peasblossom – Ella Henry


Director – Vince Murdock

Assistant Director – Amber Adams

Producer – Karen Rovane

Script Supervisor – Hannah Krieshok

Stage Manager – Chuck Hagyard

Costumer – Kathleen Rich

Costume Design – Perley Tyson

Costumer – Robin Rehart

Costume Construction – Dan Rehart

Hair and Makeup Design – Robin Rehart

Hair and Makeup Design – Jenny Oxier

Hair and Makeup Design – Virginia Travale

Hair and Makeup Design – Jessica Blankenship

Set Builder – Chuck Hagyard

Set Builder – Mark Clinton

Set Construction – Patti Fredericks

Set Construction – Dave Fredericks

Set Construction – Linda Cole

Set Construction – Noah Bunting

Set Construction – Lara Bunting

Scenic Designer – Karen Rovane

Scenic Designer – Chuck Hagyard

Set Decorator – Chuck Hagyard 

Set Decorator – Lindsay McCain

Scenic Painter – Lindsay McCain

Dance Instructor – Dan Trainor

Lighting Design – Bob Duzdevich

Light Board Operator – Alex Sharp

Light Board Operator – Jim Estes

Sound Board Operator – Lara Bunting









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Cal-State Engineering

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