Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and all your favorites come to life on our amphitheatre stage!

June 29 – August 18, 2018

This Production Has Ended


Alice – Alana Hein

White Rabbit – Luke Murdock

Mouse – Bailey Wilson

Dodo – Madison Stevens

Lory – Andrea Dye

Eaglet – Mya McHenry

Crab – Rachel Toraya

Duck – Lauren Toraya

Caterpillar – David Cohen

Frog Footman – Jim Estes

Fish Footman – Vince Murdock

Duchess – Dana Hein

Cook – Isaac Holleran

March Hare – Gianna Fillmore

Mad Hatter – Noah Bunting

Dormouse – Maeve Clinton

Two of Spades – Macey Dillion

Two of Spades – Megan Lukasha

Five of Spades – Jim Estes

Seven of Spades – Bailey Wilson

Queen of Hearts – Kimberly Pearlman

King of Hearts – Victor Martinez

Knave of Hearts – Darrell Holland

Gryphon – Julianna Lilly

Mock Turtle – Brendelyn Stuart

Two of Hearts – Bethany Toraya

Red Queen – Kathleen Harmon

Train Guard – Julianna Lilly

Gentleman Dressed in White Paper – Vince Murdock

Goat – Bailey Wilson

Tweedledee – Issac Holleran

Tweedledum – Steve Cannon

White Queen – Kat Pack

Sheep – Macey Dillon

Sheep – Megan Lukasha

Humpty Dumpty – David Cohen

White Knight – Sid Cohen


Director – Vince Murdock

Director – Jim Estes

Producer – Debbie Robinson

Producer – Toni Linde

Producer – Paula Bibby

Stage Manager – Sid Cohen

Assistant Stage Manager – Dan Edwards

Set Construction – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Mark Clinton

Set Construction – Karen Rovane

Set Design – Alicia Barber

Set Design Assistant – Lindsay McCain

Set Design Assistant – Alyssa Rehart

Set Design Assistant – Sue Haldane

Set Design Assistant – Anne Walking-Brown

Set Design Assistant – Victor Martinez

Set Design Assistant – Andrea Dye

Set Design Assistant – Alana Hein

Set Design Assistant – Lara Bunting

Set Design Assistant – Noah Bunting

Set Design Assistant – Kat Pack

Costumer – Gina Casaleggio

Costumer – Perley Tyson

Costumer – Robin Rehart

Costume Assistant – Dan Rehart

Costume Assistant – Daniel Rehart

Costume Assistant – Karen Dearborn

Costume Assistant – Kathleen Rich

Costume Assistant – Victor Martinez

Makeup Artist – Kalena Donohoe

Makeup Artist – Brittanie Wilson

Makeup Artist – Gina Casaleggio

House Manager – Bob Duzdevich

Light Design – Alex Sharp

Light Design – Vince Murdock

Light Design – Jim Estes

Lighting Assistant – Roger Fugere

Sound Design – Alex Sharp

Sound Design – Vince Murdock

Sound Design – Jim Estes

Tech Operations – Alex Sharp

Tech Operations – Lara Bunting

Tech Operations – Tony Travale

Photography – Manny Anecito

Poster Design – Lucy Hackett

Marquee – Alicia Miller

Hair Design – Virginia Travale

Stage Assistant – Tori Rangel


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16104 Main St. Volcano, CA  209 296-4458