If you are interested please show up at the Cobblestone Theatre at the stated times.  You can also fill in this volunteer form for more information.

2019 is flying by and the VTC is already holding open auditions for their fall offering, Life & Beth by Alan Ayckbourn and sponsored by Pioneer Inn &  Suites.

Life & Beth is a very funny, well written British comedy about newly widowed Beth who is wading through her first Christmas without her spouse, or so she thinks.  Her well-intentioned, but very damaged family believes she should not be alone during the holidays, so they descent upon her, overriding her objections.  Her control-freak son brings his chef girlfriend to cater to Beth’s every need, or maybe not so much.  Beth’s sister means well, but can’t seem to remain sober long enough to do any good.  Even the local Vicar piles on his support by way of declaring he is smitten with Beth.  And then there’s the deceased spouse . . . No spoiler here, but suffice it to say that Beth’s getting so much “help” that her cat can’t take it and runs away!

The Director of Life & Beth is VTC veteran Jim Estes who not only is the VTC Board Theatre Manager, but directed 2017’sHarvey and is a hysterically funny actor himself, having appeared in last years A Tuna Christmas and 2016’s Tom, Dick & Harry just to name a few of his successes.

For his auditions, Jim is looking for 3 men (son, vicar and spouse) and 3 women (Beth, sister and son’s girlfriend), ages 20-60.  Prior stage experience and British accents would be lovely, but are not required for auditions.  All are welcome!

Joining Jim on this adventure is first-time Assistant Director Sid Cohen, award-winning Set Decorator, Alicia Barber; Costumer, Jorja Perea; and Tech Operator, Patti Fredericks.  With any production, there’s always LOTS of work to do and fun jobs to be had.  If you are interested in tipping your toe in the community theatre pool, you are invited to come to auditions as an observer and if you feel the urge to volunteer in any other capacity, you can chat with Jim.

Auditions will be held Sunday, June 2nd at 4 p.m.; Monday, June 3rd at 7 p.m.; and Sunday, June 9th at 4 p.m. all at the Cobblestone Theatre in Volcano.  Advance copies of the script for Life & Beth is available at the Amador Community Foundation office at 571 South Highway 49, Jackson.  The performance dates for Life & Beth are September 13 through October 13.

If you have any questions about the play or the process, please feel free to contact Jim at 209-304-1535 or via email at