Valentine Davies’ venerable story about a department store Santa Claus who asserts he is the real McCoy, causing angst in the household of a divorced, cynical Macy’s executive and her skeptical 8-year-old daughter.

November 18 – December 10, 2016

This Production Has Ended


Announcer / Narrator – Andrew Mees

Doris Walker – Susan Chapman

Mr. Shellhammer – Victor Martinez

Fred Gailey – Chris Witt

Susan Walker – Bailey Wilson

Alfred – Noah Bunting

Kris Kringle – Dick Carter

Mortimer – Ian Smith

Mort’s Mom – Terri Yakesh

Little Girl – Alyssa Rehart

Mr. Macy – Kate Hamon

Grandville Sawyer – Gordon Seelos

Miss Pall – Alyssa Rehart

Dr. Pierce – Chris Witt

Photographer – Alyssa Rehart

Mr. Gimble – Bob Luca

D.A. Mara – Victor Martinez

Judge Harper – Bob Luca

Mrs. Mara – Terri Yakesh

Charlene Halloran – Kate Hamon

Tommy – Ian Smith

Postman – Noah Bunting

Louie – Kate Hamon

Lux Singer – Alyssa Rehart

Lux Singer – Kimberly Pearlman

SFX Crew – Sidney Cohan

SFX Crew – James Graves


Director – Bob Duzdevich

Assistant Director – Marty Brifman

Musical Director – Alyssa Rehart

Producer – Amber Adams

Costume Design – Kathleen Rich

House Manager – Brenda Wilson

Set Design – Bob Duzdevich

Sound & Tech Design – Bob Duzdevich

Light Design – Bob Duzdevich

Poster Design – Chelsea Coppock

Marquee – Patty Faubion

Set Construction – Erik Wilson

Set Construction – Bob Duzdevich

Set Construction – Marty Brifman

Stage Manager – Lara Bunting

Light Operation – Antoinette Smith

WVTC Logo Design – Brenda Metzger

Props – Erik Wilson

Props – McKensie Ruiz

Props – Bob Duzdevich

Set Decoration – Amber Adams

Set Decoration – Alyssa Rehart

Set Decoration – Marty Brifman

Set Decoration – Noah Bunting

Set Decoration – Brenda Wilson

Set Decoration – Lara Bunting