Baron Victor Von Frankenstein, bored with his attempts to give life to the lifeless, has turned his attention to curing the supposedly incurable! In a grim castle in the Carpathian Mountains he and his long suffering wife Elisabeth, the unsavory hunchback Ygor, the Valkyrian Frau Lurker and the Monster play host to various mysterious and menacing denizens of the night (invited or otherwise) who visit the Baron to beg him to rid them of their vices.

September 28 – November 2, 2013

This Production Has Ended


Baron Von Frankenstein – Robert Schell

Ygor – Zach Craig

Countess Bathory – Erin Long

The Monster – Justin Daugherty

Count Vlad Dracula – Charles Peden

Frau Lurker – Cheyenne McAnulty

The Phantom – Jim Estes

Isabel Channing – Madison Peden

Baroness Von Frankenstein – Dana Giellerup Hein

Harry Talbot – Joe Svec


Director – Rolf Hein

Assistant Director – Heidi Peden

Producer – Tracy Morris

Costumer – Kathleen Rich

Assistant Costumer – Lana Withee

Assistant Costumer – Kay Sutton

Set Design – Rolf Hein

Set Decoration – Chuck Hagyard

Set Decoration – Elizabeth Snell

Set Decoration – Don Snell

Set Decoration – Victoria Wertheimer

Set Decoration – Dana Hein

Set Decoration – Lana Withee

Set Decoration – Heidi Peden

Set Decoration – Carol Sethre

Set Construction – Jim Estes

Set Construction – Don Snell

Set Construction – Rolf Hein

Properties – Joe Svec III

Properties – Rolf Hein

Properties – Kathleen Rich

Properties – Karen Rovane

Properties – Jay Storer

Light Design/Operation – Roger Fugere

Sound Design/Operation – Victoria Wertheimer

Assistant Sound Operation – John Nitchman

Stage Manager – Roxanne Fausett

Script Supervisor – Chris Theabaut

House Manager – Lana Withee

Makeup – Heidi Peden

Makeup – Bailey Mitchell

Makeup – Alex Sharp

Photography – Stephanie Farrell

Poster Design – Sarah Tullus

Marquee – Alicia Miller