Alex Sharp

Alex Sharp

Alex has been with Volcano theatre since 2002 where he started as a light and sound technician with “The Butler Did It”. In 2005 he was awarded Best Actor and Outstanding Individual Performance for Lord Caversham in “An Ideal Husband” and Manager in “Starstruck”. He has also won Best Actor in 2017 for his roll as Mike Talman in “Wait Until Dark”.  Alex started college in 2006 where he was going to major in Theatre Arts and History but changed his studies in 2007 to Firefighting. He worked as a professional firefighter with Columbia College Fire Department, USDA Forest Service, and Amador Fire Protection District. In 2016 he changed jobs and now works full time as a railroad engineer and conductor with the Sierra Railroad out of Oakdale, CA. Alex, to this day, remains a volunteer fire captain with the Jackson Fire Department.  Some of Alex’s hobbies include beekeeping, carnivorous plant cultivation, bagpiping, darkroom photography, and being a private pilot.


The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge – Rothschild(alternate)

A Tuna Christmas – Thurston Wheelis, Bertha Bumiller, Elmer Watkins, Ike Thompson,                                                    Inita Goodwin, Joe Bob Lipsey, Leonard Childers, Pearl Burras,                                                            Phoebe Burkhalter, R.R. Snavely, Sheriff Givens

Wait Until Dark – Mike Talman

Harvey – E.J. Lofgren

Tom, Dick and Harry – Tom

Robin Hood – Robin Hood

Visit to a Small Planet – TV Camera Operator

Baby with the Bathwater – Crying Baby

A Christmas Carol – Marley’s Ghost, Second Spirit, Businessman #1, Old Joe, Guest #3

The Wizard of Oz – Cowardly Lion

Relative Values – The Honourable Peter Ingelton

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead – Hamlet

Dracula – Attendant #1

Arms and the Man – Major Sergius Saranoff

Snoopy – Linus

Flaming Idiots – Officer Task

The Sisters Rosenswieg –  Boyfriend

Gold Rush Cassie – Boynton Brooks

Born Yesterday – Butler #2



The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge – Assistant Director, Technical Design, Tech Operation

Life and Beth – Technical Design

James and the Giant Peach – Technical Design, Light & Sound Design, Sound Operation

Voices – Technical Assistance

Alice in Wonderland – Light Design, Sound Design, Tech Operations

A Charlie Brown Christmas – Light Design

Wait Until Dark – Technical Director, Light and Sound Design

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Light Opperator

Bell, Book and Candle – House Manager

Lost in Yonkers – Light and Sound Operator, Sound Design

Anne of Green Gables – Stage Manager

The Miracle Worker – Voices

Visit to a Small Planet – Tech Operation,  Special Technical Effects

Baby with the Bathwater – Stage Manager

The House of Frankenstein – Special Effects Makeup

Sherlocks Secret Life – Lights and Sound Operator

A Night in the Theatre – Lights and Sound Operator

Funny Money – Lights and Sound Operator

The Butler Did It – Lights and Sound Operator