After a local woman is murdered, the guests and staff at Monkswell Manor find themselves stranded during a snowstorm. It soon becomes clear that the killer is among them!

June 24 – August 6, 2022

This Production Has Ended


Digital Program


Mollie Ralston – Roxanne Fausett

Giles Ralston – Jim Caudel

Christopher Wren – Gavin Wagner

Christopher Wren – Noah Bunting

Mrs. Boyle – Kathleen Harmon

Major Metcalf – Mitch Mitchell

Mrs. Casewell – Madison Stevens

Mr. Paravicini – August Kupias

Det. Sergeant Trotter – James Dove


Director – Jim Estes

Assistant Director – Margaret Lewis

Producer – Paul Lewis

Producer – Karen Rovane

Stage Crew – Jeff Fausett

Stage Crew – Jinelle Fromme

Stage Crew – Michelle Checkley

Script Supervisor – Jinelle Fromme

Costume Design – Jorja Perea

Costume Design – Alison Galloway

Set Design – Jim Estes

Set Construction – Jef Fausett

Set Construction – Bob Clark

Set Construction – Rick Morasca

Set Decoration – Alicia Barber

Set Painting/Prop Work – Amber Adams

Set Painting/Prop Work – Roxanne Fausett

Set Painting/Prop Work – Lori Caudle

Set Painting/Prop Work – Jennifer Clark

Set Painting/Prop Work – Tom Herlihy

Set Painting/Prop Work – Judy Elliott

Set Painting/Prop Work – Jorja Perea

Set Painting/Prop Work – Mitch Mitchell

Set Painting/Prop Work – Alison Galloway

Set Painting/Prop Work – Joe Diltz

Lighting Design – Jim Caudle

Technical Assistance – Lori Caudle

Technical Assistance – Michael Boyd

Technical Assistance – Steve Boyd

Technical Assistance – Roger Fugere

Technical Assistance – Ruby Fugere

Sound Design – Alex Sharp

Tech Operations – Joe Diltz

Tech Operations – Joel Lesch

Tech Operations – Kris Peterson

Tech Operation – Alison Galloway

Tech Operation – Lara Bunting

Head House Manager – Bob Duzdevich

Poster & Marquee Design – Karen Rovane


Sponsored by

Sterling Auto Repair
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Jackson, CA 95642

(209) 223-5522