In Skin Deep, a large, lovable, lonely-heart, named Maureen Mulligan, gives romance one last shot on a blind-date with sweet awkward Joseph Spinelli; she’s learned to pepper her speech with jokes to hide insecurities about her weight and appearance, while he’s almost dangerously forthright, saying everything that comes to his mind.

September 22 – October 27, 2012

This Production Has Ended


Maureen Mulligan – Dana Hein

Sheila Whiting – Patty Collett

Squire Whiting – Robert Schell

Joe Spinelli – Calvin Clements


Director – Chris Borden

Producer – Judy Elliott

Stage Manager – Marcus Gouveia

Set Design – Dianne Brooks

Set Decoration – Dianne Brooks

Set Painting – Dianne Brooks

Set Construction – Gerry Elliott

Set Construction – Dennis Brooks

Costumer – Kathleen Rich

Script Supervisor – Shirley Borden

Tech Director – Dave Bibby

Light & Sound Operator – Victoria Wertheimer

Sound Effects – Mitch of Knuckles Production

House Manager – Lana Withee

Script Supervisor – Shirley Borden

Poster & Program Design – Sarah Tullus

Photographer – Bummy Truckles

Marquee – Elizabeth Gibson

Shadow Box – Cricky Rickard