Elwood, a man who truly enjoys life and everyone around him, travels each day with his friend, Harvey.  The only problem is that Harvey is a 6 1/2 foot-tall invisible rabbit!  A comedy classic about family relationships, misdiagnosed insanity, and an eventual realization that a love for family is the most important thing of all.

June 9 – July 8, 2017

This Production Has Ended

The following have won awards for their part in the play!  Congratulations!

Poster:  Sarah Tullus,  Set Design:  Jim Estes,  Set Decoration:  Alicia Barber.


Elwood P. Dowd – Robert Schell

Veta Louise Simmons – Kimberly Pearlman

Myrtle Mae Simmons – Alana Hein

Mrs. Ethel Cahuvenet – Gina Serna

Miss Johnson – Jessica Blankenship

Lyman Sanderson, M.D. – Shawn Fourby

Ruth Kelly, R.N. – Alyssa Rehart

Duane Wilson – Sidney Cohen

William R. Chumley, M.D. – Rocky Lane

Betty Chumley – Roxanne Fausett

Judge Omar Gaffney – Calvin Clements

E.J. Lofgren – Alex Sharp

Nurse Dumphy – Shannon Whitaker


Director – Jim Estes

Producer – Paula Bibby

Lights and Sound Design – Bob Duzdevich

Light and Sound Operator – Bob Duzdevich

Script Holder – Shannon Whitaker

Script Holder – Jessica Blankenship

Set Design – Jim Estes

Set Construction – David Bibby

Set Construction – Dave Fredericks

Set Construction – Chuck Hagyard

Set Construction – Mark Clinton

Set Construction – Paula Bibby

Set Decorator – Alicia Barber

Poster Design – Sarah Tullus

House Manager – Patti Fredericks

Stage Manager – Shannon Whitaker

Stage Manager – Jessica Blankenship

Paint Crew – Alicia Barber

Paint Crew – Pearly Tyson

Paint Crew – Judy Elliott

Paint Crew – Kathleen Harmon

Paint Crew – Amber Adams

Paint Crew – Hana Krieshok

Paint Crew – Kimberly Pearlman

Paint Crew – Sue Haldane

Paint Crew – Karen Rovane

Paint Crew – Jim Estes

Paint Crew – Paula Bibby

Costumes – Kathleen Rich

Costumes – Pearly Tyson

Costumes – Robin Rehart

Costumes – Dana Hein

Hair and Makeup – Jenny Oxier

Opening Night Party – Debbie Robinson

Opening Night Party – Toni Linde







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16104 Main St. Volcano, CA  209 296-4458